Somehow, you've come across this sales letter. If you're going to take the time to read the entire thing, you should know who wrote it.

I'm Diego.

I'm seventeen years old. I wrote a book called The Dropout Manifesto. I'm super passionate about documenting the process. In fact, the only work that matters is that which you document.

I document my process extraordinarily well.

On my website, you'll find that I:

  • Write 400+ words a day in Daily Reflections

  • Do a podcast to share my recent learning and insights with others

  • Wrote my book to document the process of my exit from school 

This is all to help other people learn what I'm learning. If even one person reads my writing and gets value from it, I've done my job. 

Luckily, people enjoy the documentation of my process, and they tell me quite often! That feels awesome!

I want to document your process.

You're likely leading an awesome organization and (hopefully) doing a good job of it. Who is documenting your process? You need a way to document the challenges you're going through for future reference. This accomplishes a couple different things:

  • You'll develop an in-depth history of your company for future reference.

  • You'll help future employees understand the vision you have and had in the past.

  • You become a thought leader by publishing your process for others to learn from.

  • You'll feel great about helping others by sharing information and insights.

You could be the author of a book in 24 months.

If we write 2,000+ words a month for 24 months, we'll have written 48,000+ words between all the articles. And you didn't have to do a thing, other than get interviewed.

(48,000 words is 10,000 words longer than my first book.)

Change the way you onboard new hires.

With this living documentation of you and your company, you can onboard new hires faster. What better way to make them a part of their new company than to hand them the whole story and have them appreciate it? 

This is going to be vital as your company grows and you want to maintain great culture. They need something to reference. This documentation will be that reference.

Your writing will help young people like me.

Though you might never make big money by doing this, you will positively influence others. Young entrepreneurs like me will read your articles and learn from your experience. For example:

Paul Jarvis, one of my mentors, posts all of his writing on his website. He teaches everything there. Because of that, he's been one of the most influential thought leaders in my life. You could be influential for other people as well.

I got many amazing handwritten and email notes after releasing my book. They were so encouraging and supportive of my work because it helped them. It's an amazing experience to hear that I positively affected another human being. I can help you do that, too.

Two Pricing Options

For $250/mo, here's what will happen:

  • I'll conduct a monthly interview with you about the challenges you've faced that month. We'll also talk about any other learning that you have to share for that month.

  • I'll record the interview and take lots of notes.

  • I'll sit in a cave for a couple of days while I write a 2,000+ word article about what we spoke about. I'll write the article from your perspective, not mine. 

  • I'll publish the article on a website that I create and maintain for you. You also have complete freedom to share and publish the article anywhere else you want.

  • I'll write you a "State of The Union" article quarterly. I'll conduct a longer interview every 3 months, and use this as content for another article. This is an extra 2,000+ word article for your collection of writing.

For an extra $100/mo, I'll throw this in:

  • Keep your presence alive on social media. I'll share your articles, writing, and other content through social media. This can be anywhere from 3-5 times a week.

  • Create micro-content. I'll take bits from your article and publish those as small posts to get people clicking on the article. Here's an example.

  • I'll make you a thought-leader in your social media circles. I'll share articles about your industry on your behalf. I'll add your thoughts to the post, and share that content several times a week. Here's an example.

We could get started on this before the end of the coming week.

Here's what we have to do:

  • We need to discuss which price option fits you best.

  • I've got to make you a website.

  • We need to get on the phone and schedule our first phone interview so I can start writing your first article!

No matter what, we need to speak on the phone:

You'll find my available times by clicking here, choose one that fits your schedule.