How to Make Your Clients Love You (More Than They Already Do)

May 15, 2018 by Diego Segura

As freelancers, our clients are hiring us, and only us. They're not buying into the quality of the entire company, they're usually not even buying the skills that we have. There are plenty of designers in this world, but Aaron Draplin's clients still go to Aaron Draplin specifically. Why would they go to anyone else? They love him!

Aaron's clients have entered his world. When you find out about Aaron Draplin, it doesn't stop at learning his name. You can find him on so many different channels, and the brand is always the same. You can:

The playbook is simple. If you want your clients to love you more, you have to be in contact with them more. You've probably heard that it takes "seven touches" to make a sale, and your personal brand is the best way to make those touches.