Tuesday, June 19


Goal: Finish LW Article:

I finished the article and packaged it up for you to send out to LW. I am officially stepping out as the point of contact between us and him. You conducted the interview and are responsible for keeping in contact with him from here on out.

Now that we've finished two articles, here is the process (roughly) so far:

  • Interview.
  • Transcribe.
  • Refine the transcription.
  • Group the ideas into coherent categories.
  • Refine the writing more and make sure everything is a complete sentence and makes sense.
  • Put the article into Hemingway and revise accordingly. Mostly, this is for concision.
  • Put the article into Grammarly and revise it accordingly.

Goal: Finish DD article:

  • Still haven't started it. Starting tonight.

Side note: These reports are really helping me out. If it wasn't for taking a look back at the last report to write this one, I probably would not be starting on the DD article. That means that this is keeping us on track. However, it also means I am accomplishing the writing portion and we need projects to fill up the pipeline. 


Goal: find new leads and new ways to traffic them. 

I have to be honest with you. I can’t do much at moment and I’ve already told you the dilemma so I’m not going to repeat it. If you have a task that you think I can do on my phone, send it. Other than that, I’ll be back Thursday evening. 

I’ve been putting my head in podcasts so if anything thing pops up that I think can help out business, I’ll pass it to you. 

Sunday, June 17


Goal: Send both articles (LW & S/S)

  • Finished S/S article. I sent it out to them and wrote and email thanking them along the process. The article was attached as a PDF instead of linking to a Google Doc. (I CC'ed you on this email.)
  • I created a cover page as a PDF that says "thirdbreath" and lists out the article title and other information. It's really beautiful and adds value to the presentation of the article itself.
  • Dropped the ball completely on the article for LW. I was focused on the S/S article because I wanted to stick to a 10-day time frame. Meaning that 10 days after the interview, we deliver the article. This means that we still have 24-36 hours to finish the LW article and send it out to meet that 10-day deadline. Either way, there is no excuse for having set this expectation and not met it. I might just stay up super late tonight and finish it since it's only 8:00PM right now.
  • Thank you for your help on both of these. It's good to have help and the transcription made this possible. Let's keep this up and see if you can insert yourself into the process more.

Goal: Start on DD article:

  • This is the article for the other interview that I did a couple weeks ago. This has been much lower priority because I didn't even record the entire call so this isn't going to be the same process as the other two we've done. It will also be a much looser piece because I'll largely be writing it in my own words. Nonetheless, I'd like to get that one done as well and sent out within the next 2-3 days. Seems quick, so I'll keep you posted on my progress.
  • You won't have to transcribe anything on this.


Goal: finish the S/S and LW article and produce make leads. 

  • I’ve finished all task for S/S and LW article. I have paused the Interseller sequence since I’m in Mexico and have to pay $15 a day to use internet and that’s ridiculous. I don’t want to send emails only to get back in touch 4-5 days later. However, if you’re up for it...I’ll re-launch the sequence if you can sign into my mail and act as me for a couple days. 
  • I know by now you're wondering how I’m even sending this email. I’m on my phone using data at 1-2 bars. However this costs money as well, so I’m trying to use it at least as possible. However, if there’s anything that needs to be done let me know. I can use Google Docs on my phone. 

Goal: Get WiFi. (Just kidding.) Continue to find leads and find new ways to find them.

  • N/A?

Friday, June 15


Goal: Start documenting the process for ourselves

    • I've created the bi-daily blog page and tested it out with a post to see how it works. I will handle putting the blog posts in after you send me your bi-daily report via email so that we can continue to document this process.

    Goal: Finish LW and S/S articles

    • I've resolved all of the comments on the article for LW (from here on out, let's use initials when referring to clients since this is public). I will be working on that more this weekend and expect to get it done by Monday morning.
    • The S/S article is currently at 2,340 words with lots of transcribed material left to use.
      • I'd like to use the rest of that material to do a second article, possibly even use it in the next trial.
      • This needs to be edited. I've assigned you a task on that document so that you can read over it and give feedback like you did on the LW article.
    • Both articles need to be delivered by 5/17, this Sunday. This is our big actionable item for the next two days, they have to be sent. Even if it means a 24-hour work day.


    Goal: Move forward on LW article and find more leads

    • Finished the tasks assigned on the LW article. I've reached out to 60+ people and have received a response from one person at the moment and waiting for the others to come in.

    Goal: Finish the S/S article and find more leads

    • N/A